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Information for Hospice providers

Caring Service When it Matters Most

We know that the ultimate goal of hospice care is to provide a critical element in the continuum of care which enhances the patient’s quality of life in their last days, and provides comfort for their family. Hospice care provides these through a number of different services - supplying medical care and equipment, managing pain, providing psychological, emotional and spiritual support, and managing the practical details, options and emotional challenges of caring for a loved one. Most hospices require that patients who come into their care also have a plan for what happens after a death occurs. Missouri Cremation Services and Kansas Cremation Services provide that plan, and will be ready to assist the family at the appropriate time.

Quality, Compassionate Care

Hospice is considered to be the model for quality, compassionate care for people and many of the services hospice provides can be offered in your home. This model coincides with our mission and plan. We are a trusted provider that leaves people feeling confident that their final wishes are carried out the way they wanted, with ease and from the comfort of home, whether it’s now or in the near future.

Unique, Personalized Care

Hospice teams develop personalized care plans with services and a caring community that meets each patient’s individual needs. We know that everyone is unique and that’s why we have multiple options and offerings available for each individual person.

Caring, When it Matters Most

It is important for families to know that they can spend the last moments of their loved one’s life with them knowing that they are being properly cared for when it matters most. Just as a Hospice caregiver or social worker provides care and advice, our Cremation Specialists are specially trained and committed to meeting every need when a death occurs or when planning in advance.

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